How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally?

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally?

In today’s world most of the countries’ are facing one of the biggest problems in human body that is obesity. According to World Health Organization ‘Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975.’ 1.6 billion Adults were overweight in the year 2016, in which 650+ Million were obese; many people of this world’s population are living in those countries where people are dying due to overweight or obesity. In year 2016, over 340 million children’s in age between 5-19 were overweight or obese. Now the question is how to lose belly fat naturally?

But before that we’ll tell you how does fat make in your body?adipose tissue‘ is the scientific name of body fat. It does some vital functions. Its priority work is to store Lipid through body gets the energy. It dissembles a some hormones in the body and supplies the body with some cushioning as well as insulation. If you take high calories (energy) food and you don’t spend those calories. The excess calories will become fat and that will store in your whole body. Eventually this fat stores in adipose tissue by make it bigger fat cell or by making more cell.

Table of Content

  • What are the causes of gaining the belly fat?
  • What are the diseases you could have if you being overweight or obese?
  • What should we do to for belly fat loss?
  • Conclusion
how to loose fat naturally

What are the causes of gaining the belly fat?

There are many factors that can affect your weight or can make you overweight or obese. Here we are mentioned some of these factors:

  • Habits of diet and physical activity
  • Genetical history in the family
  • Habits and culture of Family
  • Age & Sex
  • Less Sleep

Habits of diet and physical activity

One of the important factors is what you eat and how much you walk if you eat more and walk less it may make you become overweight and obese.

Having plenty of foods and drinks that are high in calories, sugar and fat may cause you overweight.

If you do less physical activity. And most of your day time you spend in sitting in the chair or lying in the bed. So, you may face overweight or obese.

Genetical history in the family

Genetical history in the family means a family medical history that can identify person with high chances of getting common disease. For example heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes etc… Overweight and obesity usually occur in families, which suggests that genes plays a role.  if you have one or both parents are overweight or obese. Then your may have a chances to getting overweight are greater. The fat that you store in your body can get affected with your genes and where you take excess fat on your body.

Habits and culture of family

Family nutrition and lifestyle can affect your weight and health. Some families can consume foods and drinks that contain high fat, salt and sugar, as well as consume large amounts of junk food in family gatherings. Also some families use their mobile phones and computers or watch TV in their inactive time instead of being active.

Your social, ethnic, or religious group culture can also affect your weight and health due to common eating and lifestyle habits. Some cultures people consume foods and drinks that contains high fat, sugar, salt etc.. Some common cooking methods, like frying food can leads to high consumption of calorie. Eating food on regular basis which contain high calories, fats, or sugars can cause overweight or obsess.

Age & Sex

Many people gain weight with age. Adults with a normal Body mass index often begin to gain weight at a young age and they continue to gain weight until they reach the age 55 to 65 years old. In addition, obese children are more likely to develop obesity than adults.

In the United States of America, obesity usually occurs in black or Hispanic women than in black or Hispanic men. It depends on person sex that where his/her body stores fat. commonly men body usually stores the fat in their stomach area or in abdomen area. Whereas in women fat stores in their hips or in their buttocks. If extra fat is around the abdomen area then it can causes measure health problems? Even the person has normal weight.

Less sleep

People who do not get enough sleep can eat more calories and have more snacks. According to Experts a adult between the ages of 18 and 64 sleep should get sleep 7–9 hours per day, while adults 65 or older should get sleep between 7 and 8. hours of sleep per day.

What are the diseases you could have if you being overweight or obese?

there are some common diseases which may occur if you being overweight or obsess. some of diseases are mentioned below.

Fatty liver diseases

These are conditions in which fat builds up in liver. Fatty liver diseases include diseases like NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) and NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases). Fatty liver diseases can lead to serious liver damage, cirrhosis, or even liver failure.

Type 2 diabetes

It is a disease that develops when blood sugar levels are too high. About 8 out of 10 people who having type 2 diabetes may overweight or obese. Over time the patient develops other diseases in their body such as heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems, nerve damage, and other health problems.

If you are at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes, losing 5-7 percent of your body weight and regular exercise can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

High blood pressure

It is also called hypertension. It is a condition in which body blood flow through blood vessels get force exceeding the norm. High blood pressure can exert your heart, damage blood vessels and increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease or it may cause death.

Heart disease

It is a term used to define several problems that can affect your heart. If you are facing heart disease, you can have a heart attack, heart failure, sudden heart death, external angina pectoris, or heart rhythm disturbance. High blood pressure, abnormal blood fats and high blood sugar can increase your risk of heart disease. Blood fats, also called blood lipids, include High-density lipoprotein cholesterol, Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides.

Losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can reduce your risk factors for heart disease. If your weight is 200 pounds, it means losing only 10 pounds. Fat loss can improve blood pressure, cholesterol and blood flow.

Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that puts you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. These conditions are as follow:- high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides (Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) found in your blood) in the blood, low levels of High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) in the blood, too much fat around the waist.


Arthrosis is a common long-term health problem that causes pain, swelling, and decreased movement in the joints. Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis if you put extra pressure on your joints and cartilage.

Gallbladder diseases

Overweight and obesity can increase the risk of developing diseases of the gallbladder, such as gallstones and cholecystitis. An imbalance in the substances that develop bile causes gallstones to form. If bile having too much cholesterol then gallstones can be form.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease means your kidneys are damaged and facing some problems and they cannot filter the blood as they should. Obesity increases the risk of developing blood sugar and hypertension disease that are most general causes of kidney disease. Even if you do not have blood sugar or high blood pressure, Overweight or obesity in itself can contribute to kidney disease and accelerate its development.

Pregnancy problems

Overweight and obesity may increase the risk of health problems that can occur during pregnancy. Overweight or obese pregnant women may be more likely to have,

  •  gestational diabetes – During pregnancy, your placenta makes hormones that cause glucose to build up in your blood. Usually, your pancreas can relies enough insulin to handle it. But if your body can’t rely enough insulin or stops using insulin like it should, your blood sugar levels rise, and you get gestational diabetes.
  • preeclampsia – It is a disease of high blood pressure during the pregnancy that may cause measure health problems in the mother and baby if it left untreated.
  • external  C section or caesarean section  is required, and as a result, recovery after childbirth takes longer

What should we do for fat loss?

If you are being tired to keep searching on one topic and that is ‘how to fat loss naturally?’ and still you didn’t get any trustful solution then worry not here i am going to share some tip through which you will get some good result with this tips. And trust me guys I know you’re very serious about your fat loss that’s why you are keep reading this blog. But the problem is just you didn’t get any trustworthy solution. So here are some tips that you have to follow in your daily life.

Make a buddy for fat loss

Teamwork always helps, and certainly helps, when you are wondering “how to lose fat naturally”. Make friends with those striving for weight loss and go on a journey together.

You will be surprised to learn how you reach the end point before you even realize it -And most importantly keep motivating each other along the way. It helps you both to keep going.

Keep Reminding Yourself the Goals For Fat Loss

There is a reason why there are reminders and statements. It is designed to enhance the criticality of the task before you and ensure its implementation on time.

Keep reminding to yourself: “You can do this” or “You want to fit into your old dress”! Try it guys… I own did the same thing with me. these tips are tested.

Drink Water as much as You Can

Many times you feel hungry, but actually your body asks for water. So avoid overeating when you feel hungry. Try quenching your thirst with plenty of water. This will help you avoid dehydration and bloating.

Use Less Phone, TV or Desktop

Watching TV, a laptop or a phone while eating matters when eating senselessly, and at that moment you eat most.

Reducing screen time while eating can help you consume less calories and therefore you start fat loss. Instead, take a 15-minute walk. It will benefit your mission “how to lose weight naturally.”

Use Staircase and Avoid Lift

There is a reason medical experts recommend you to avoid the lift and use staircase. One of the most beneficial exercise in cardio is climbing stairs.Studies show that climbing stairs helps to strengthen and tone muscles. In addition, it helps to improve blood circulation in the body by increasing the ductility of blood vessels.
15 minutes of climbing and descending stairs is all it takes to shed a few KGs a month.

Walk in Every 2 Hours for 5 Minutes

If you have work that requires long hours of sitting, take a 5-minute break for a walk in every two hours of sitting.

By doing this, you will walk at least 30 minutes by the end of the day, and this is also without any additional effort. In addition, breaks for a walk will not let you have a snack with calories.

Avoid Packed Food

Packaged foods, such as sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressings, and other ready-to-eat meals, often contain sugar, salt, preservatives, and therefore calories.

In addition, this is a fairly simple way to reduce the amount of calories consumed, since unpacked foods do not do too much harm.

Have Regular Coffee

For many, it might seem that quickly grabbing coffee in a trendy coffee shop before you go to work is a good idea, because this trendy creamy coffee is full of sugar and other fats that do much more harm than good.

So replace a delicious cappuccino with regular coffee, and you will see the difference!

Walk Before Dinner

Walking before you set the dining table and stifles your hunger gripe and gives you a feeling of fullness, while increasing your metabolic rate. So it’s actually a good idea to take a walk before you have dinner.

Do heavy household chores twice a week

Do heavy housework, such as washing windows or cleaning the floor, at least twice a week. This will help you to move your muscles and Lose enough calories.

In addition, a glance at the sparkling floor or perfectly washed window panes will give you a satisfaction and achievement.

So, these are some tricks that you can use in your daily life to solve your question of fat loss. These minor changes in your life will help to achieve your targeted goal. And keep you healthy and fit.

So, now when you know how to lose fat naturally then don’t wait anymore and start. And also if you like the this content and you are also looking for remedies for belly fat loss then click on belly fat you will directly reach to the remedies page.


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